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Where is the undo button?!!

This is an awesome premise for a game, and it would have easily gotten 5 stars if it wasn’t for one seemingly obvious flaw: THERES NO UNDO BUTTON. The pain of having to erase everything after one simple mistake creates a frustration that overshadows any fun had while playing this game, so much so that I usually just quit playing after 10 minutes. Please fix this issue.

Almost great, lacking still

I want to love this game and keep thinking maybe it’s me making mistakes. No, it’s the game development that needs to improve. There’s no way to keep straight lines and that increases your chances to screw up an otherwise great map. There is NO undo. PRETTY BASIC FEATURE. The logic is screwed up in that you could drop a route for multiple connections but it erases your previous connection and fails to allow the other traffic to connect. (Loop that would allow access to multiple routes by flow is denied.) I’m not the only one complaining about these things. They need to be fixed or the game becomes frustrating and eventually unplayable. (Soon to be deleted)

For the love of all that’s holy, the game needs an undo button

Great game, but it really needs a way to undo mistakes. Hard to draw sometimes and end up missing where I want to go. Add an undo and I’d give it five stars

Addictive and Fun

It’s frustratingly hard at times and I’ve never wished for an undo button more in my life, but the challenge is the fun part. Would love to see more levels in the future.

Fun Game

I’ve had this game about 24 hours and love it! I would like to see an “undo” button. In real life, even the best layer plans go astray. If you make an error and realize it, you should be able to correct it and move forward instead of having to restart.

Why did this download

I didn’t not authorize the download of this game. I pressed cancel when the Apple Pay popped up but it downloaded it anyways. What the heck?!?

Amazing concept, fatal flaw

I don’t often write reviews but this game compelled me to because it’s an amazing idea with an enormous flaw: It needs an undo button so badly. It’s very, very easy to make a mistake, especially because the logic of where it ends a road and where it thinks you’re still drawing is a little inconsistent. An undo button would make this game incredible fun. As it is, it’s insanely frustrating.

Great game with one fatal flaw

Very fun concept, but where’s the ‘erase’ button!? Nothing worse than finishing up a complicated map, then making one mistake and having to start over. Please fix!

Great idea, execution lacks a bit

Good concept, but the lack of an undo button (which can’t be hard to implement) and the finicky nature of connecting roads detracts from the experience

Everything I wanted from Mini Metro

Except the bugs. Oh, the bugs. A but more polish and this would be perfect

Needs Undo Button

Great game but needs an undo button. One wrong click and I have to clear my entire map.

Good concept, but poorly executed.

Like many other reviews, the concept of this app is interesting. However, the app lacks some basic features that would make the experience more enjoyable. This includes an undo button, the ability to draw road segments that snap to a grid, and a way to change the overpass/underpass hierarchy on already placed roads. It would also be good to know some scale for efficiency. I have no idea how my score ranks. The tutorial could be more thorough too and walk users through various road/interchange configurations so they understand what might work better for certain puzzles.

I will never stop

I’ve been playing for hours. Some feedback, when drawing a road from the top of the screen it always pulls down the notification page on iPhone. Sometimes my roads turn into ramps without touching the ramp button. My favorite game. Thanks

Nice idea but bad execution.

I immediately bought it as soon as I saw the concept. It’s fun to create optimal layouts. But the game suffers from so many problems which are down right annoying. 1. In iPhoneX if you try to draw a road from bottom then the ‘switcher tab’ opens. 2. No undo button for a game that requires lot of precision. 3. No erase road button. 4. No options?? Or I can’t find it so far honestly. 5. What does the stimulation tells? I have no idea if I did a good job or worth less job. Please fix these!

Needs some refinement.

I enjoy this game, but find the chunky graphics make it hard to create efficient layouts. If the roads were narrower, it would give you more room to draw in ramps, etc.

Pretty good but

Needs and undo/erasing feature that doesn’t delete everything

Defenetly worth my money

This game is so much fun! It takes serious strategy and brain power while also being so much fun! Even once you beat the game you can always go back and make your roads better! All around amazing game. The game maker should be proud :)

Really great but one issue

This game is really great and definitely worth the money but has 1 issue with tapping (don’t know if it’s the developers fault). 1. When I try to make a road from one of the entrances at the top, sometimes the dashboard will pull down from the top which can be annoying. 2. Sometimes when I go to hit the raise/lower ramp button the game will register the tap as making a road down to the bottom of the screen instead which is pretty annoying but easy to get over. Still great though. (Also undo button please thank you)

Can’t tap on map

I can not click the map to change routes but I can click the same spot for simulation. This needs to be fixed. Will delete message once fixed.

Very nice!

Very nice and innovative game. Only thing extra I would like to see is the ability to save and edit your designs. It would also be cool if there was a leaderboard for each section or some kind of ranking system so you can know how well your "total efficiency" stacks up.

So close to greatness...

Desperately needs an undo button. And the drawing controls are imprecise and frustrating on my 7 screen. Level and game design is otherwise great

One of the best games on the iPhone

This is an open-ended puzzle games. Each puzzle has multiple (infinite?) solutions. But the fun comes from optimizing your solutions, making them better and better. At times it is incredibly frustrating, but the frustration is well calibrated and frankly adds to the appeal. I’ve been scouring the Internet to read about highway engineering in order to do better at this game. That’s how well thought out it is.


Game is great needs an undo or erase feature. And hopefully it gets more levels added soon I’ve beaten all the levels already.

Worthless without undo

I should have paid more attention to the other reviews. There is no smoothing to the drawing of freeways so if you don’t have a steady finger you’re going to be connecting freeways in all the wrong places. Since there is no undo, you have to clear the whole level and start again. I have yet to successfully create an overpass because of this problem. More frustrating than fun.

I can't stop playing this game!

Like other reviewers, I knew at first sight this game was something I'd been seeking for a long time, and that was definitely a correct impression. I play every night, by now I've only got a couple more PICs to earn. Dunno what I'll do when I earn all the max scores, probably just clear my board and start again 😝

My Calling

I love road simulators, but I was never able to find one for free. At this point I don’t care, but I found this app. Amazing concept, and I’m completely interested in the game. I love the fact that you have to build your own roads and make them fluid. It gets me all tingly inside, unlike those other edgy games that make you cringe.

Solid Gold

traffic simulator.

Amazing game, but...

Amazing game, but has some frustration factors... #1. Needs an undo button... #2. Even with a large phone, this game make me feel like I have giant fingers... impossible to draw controlled lines/routes... and without an undo button, this cause me to reset map after map, just trying to complete a single one... but other than that, an amazing game, and I hope the 1st two issues are fixed

More Levels

You should add a feature where you can create your own levels, then hit “send” and you can review them!


UPDATE: The newest update is GREAT. It gave us a feature we never knew we wanted, and that’s CommuterCam. You can track a random car on its way to wherever. Although I do have some suggestions though: > Maybe a car selector or arrows at the bottom to switch cars? > A fast forward button for when it’s just traveling along. Minor suggestions though, and its a great way to find what parts of the game you need to work on! —- I’ve been searching for one of these games for a long, long time. I always have loved making infrastructure and seeing how things would turn out. And this app satisfies that need perfectly. From the interchange building to the accurate simulation, this app is totally worth the $2.99. It’s frustrating, but at the same time interesting enough to keep playing, sometimes for hours to see what design is the most efficient. I’ve been on the App Store for ~4 years now, and I haven’t seen anything like it. If you like building and simulations, this is the app for you. Also, there is NO IN-APP PURCHASES and NO PAYWALLS! What a great game. Some suggestions for the developers: > maybe add an erase road tool? It’s really easy to forget where you’re placing a road, and if you’re far in, it’s annoying to start over. > Level Editor! It’d make it so much more fun to make a level and share it to see if others can get the best score. Speaking of score, > Leaderboard? A leaderboard could give you a sense of how good your interchange is compared to others, and motivates you to play more to find an even more efficient solution. That’s all, thanks for this incredible game!

Like the app but would Love an update.

This app is great. the only problem is that I finished it in a matter of days. I would love more levels. The addition of traffic lights or stop signs would be interesting and would add a lot of gameplay. but please, MORE LEVELS!

Good Idea Okay Execution

How is there not an undo button? Its almost impossible to keep my finger straight while making a road. Or at least a delete button. Really needs some work but i like the idea.

Best game!

Add undo button!

Very nice game

This is a good game. Some improvements would make it a great game. An undo button would work wonders. Mostly because even on my 7plus screen the actual construction icon is hidden below my finger tip not always where I thought it was and causing mis-connects of roads. Also touching road signs can be mistaken as an attempt to build a road there. UNDO IS A MUST. Nice to have would be an erase road function. Now for the game play. It is excellent with the exception of the above issues. I do like the expanding and increasingly difficult maps and challenges. Definitely gets you thinking out of the box. This quickly shows you it is not as simple as drawing a few lines and connecting points. Star rating is due to frustration after making an elaborate solution only to have touch mis read and causing errors. If developers make small tweaks and functional undo then this is a top notch app.

Awesome but needs undo

Super fun, unique game. Definitely needs undo or an improvement to the drawing so that you don’t have to redraw from scratch so often. Just a single undo step would be enough. Otherwise, brilliant and mesmerizing to watch. Wish I could export my “world” as a screen saver :)

Great Concept...Needs Fine Tuning

I’m giving 5 starts because of the unique and well executed concept. I’d agree with others on the need for an undo or erase option. I’d also like to see a zoom function.

Great but needs some work

I’m enjoying this game but I really think this would benefit from an eraser and undo button. Would make it a lot more playable.

Unplayable on iPhone

My fingers are too big to accurately draw roads which means I have to constantly clear out my work and start over. This would be so much better with the ability to zoom and/or undo. Bad controls =/= good game design.

Fantastic game!

Never before have I wished so much for an online community for a game. This game is amazing, frustrating, and relaxing all at once, which is really saying something! While the most common complaint of a “missing feature” is an undo button, I feel that not having one adds to the experience rather than detracting. That being said however, there are times when glitches in the touch mechanics cause a strip of road to be laid right across your carefully designed intersection, ruining everything! For these situations, I do wish that there was an undo button, but maybe limited to two or three undos before a full reset would be required. Once you get to the point where there are 9x8 (72!) blocks to fill, that’s all you get. You can always go back and try to improve the efficiency of your worst blocks (as I’ve been doing for weeks), but if they were to add another layer or two of blocks that would be great. Also a few of the blocks that are available now are simple one-road to one-road intersections which aren’t graded. This feels like kind of a ripoff but the quality and difficulty of some of the others more than makes up for it. Speaking of efficiency, I’ve gotten access to some pictures of real-life intersections when the efficiency of a block gets high enough. While I’m not sure if this extra applies to all of the blocks, I wish there was an indicator of the efficiency level required to unlock said picture for each block. Some seems to max out around 160 while on others I can get >600. I need to know when I’ve done as well as I can! Overall, I love this game. There are a few small niggles in the implementation and limitations of the system, but this is still my primary “waiting room” game.

Barely playable on iPhone X

Doesn't support iPhone X Safe Areas. On some levels it's impossible to place roads where you need to because if conflicts with the swipe up gesture. Game should render borders on iPhone X.

Nerdcubed brought me here

It is well worth the money with a bunch of levels. They’re not incredibly unique but still very fun. To be completely honest I feel like everything can be a roundabout though and I want a bit more challenge than that. I would also love an undo button. Aside from those qualms game is great

Either wait for a sale or better mechanics

Net-net: If you get on sale, fine. Otherwise wait for a deal or for an update to reduce the frustration. Love the concept of this game and it’s right in my wheelhouse. Overall idea and concept are great. However, this game is MADDENING on the iPhone because it is missing key features. The basic problem is It’s extremely difficult to be precise using your fingers on a small screen. But I expect even on an iPad it’s a bit tough. You can’t see exactly where you’re drawing because of your fingers and it’s really hard to draw a straight line with your finger. This is made way worse because there is no way to correct mistakes except clear everything on the map and restart. That’s okay for the first couple basic things but quickly is too obnoxious. This game needs: - undo functionality and/or an eraser feature - zoom functionality (make it easier to negotiate tight areas). - some sort of straight line drawing capability. Allow you to place points and connect with a line Until then this game is worth 5 minutes of playtime before it becomes too obnoxious or irritates your OCD impulses.

5 Stars if it Had an Undo Button

Freeways is a fantastic game. It's easily my favorite mobile game in the last couple years. The lack of an undo feature is killer. Having to clear the whole screen every time your finger accidentally twitches or slips makes the game not fun to the point that it's practically unplayable. Add an undo, and it's a 5-star game.

Fun but needs improvements

This is a strangely addicting and entertaining game. Some of the levels get quite complex and difficult to complete and the satisfaction of actually building a working network is quite fulfilling. That said, as others have mentioned, the biggest thing this game is missing is some kind of “undo” feature. It is frustrating to no end to spend significant time drawing a complex network only to have an accidental road placement that screws the whole thing up. Having to start all over again is beyond maddening. Hope the devs keep improving the game, it’s really quite a lot of fun other than the undo issue.

Great game, level bug

I love the game, but one of the levels doesn’t have any roads to connect and therefore I can’t finish the game


I only have one level?? I can only play on one level where I have Iike three roads... I click map and then nothing happens. Not sure what is going on. Seems like I wasted three bucks.

Needs “undo” function

I want my money back. No game or app that involves anything hand drawn on a smartphone screen should be without a simple undo function. What a waste of money.

Not finished.

I really want to like this more, but it feels sloppy and unfinished. It’s very difficult to draw roads where you want them to go, which wouldn’t be so bad if there were some kind of undo feature (or if there is one and I don’t know what it is, if the game told you it had one). As it is it’s cool but frustrating. It’s a good idea. I wish it had been implemented better.

Unplayable bug fix

Bug with the map does not allow moving past the first level. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the bug.


This game is very buggy, touching the middle of my phone screen causes the Notification Center to pull down, also, I need a undo button...

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